“Beat the hand”: how learning turns into torment

Those who met real teachers in the life of those who are indifferent, respecting their students – were lucky. But many recall a comprehensive school or a “musician” with negative feelings. What to do if this is happening now, with our children?

Ned -shaped memory

“The teacher began to scream at me as soon as I made a mistake. From this I got down even more, it was annoyed stronger and began to yell. I can still burst into tears as soon as they raised my voice, ”recalls Lily, 38 years old.

“On music for mistakes, they just silently beat me with a ruler. Only a few years later it dawned on me that it shouldn’t be so actually!” – Anna, 22 years old.

“Everything was simple-when the teacher in the“ musician ”ended in patience (and she had enough two of my mistakes), she could sharply close the piano lid. Right on my fingers ” – Semyon, 23 years old.

“The gymnastics coach could just take my shoulders and shake me with all my strength, if something was running out. This was considered normal – I think he behaved like that with everyone, ” – Marina, 35 years old.

Letter of the law

In the Law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, Article 48, including it, reads: “Pedagogical workers are required to comply with legal, moral and ethical norms, follow the requirements of professional ethics;Respect the honor and dignity of students and other participants in educational relations “. In the same arch, Article 34 speaks of the rights of students to respect human dignity, protection from all forms of physical and mental violence, insulting personality, protecting life and health ”.

“There is

Meget ofte er et mandligt gulv (selvom det virker underligt) forbundet med arbejde. Hvis det fungerer fra daggry til solnedgang, levitra uden recept det vare sa manglende krafter. Og hvis hans arbejde er forbundet med stress, kan der ikke vare nogen god sex hver dag og tale. Prov at gore alt for at blive hjemme for at slappe af og slappe af. Sa libido vil vare fuld orden. Sadan forforer en mand

a little“ Nakodka, ”writes Natalya Mikhailko-Guzhalovskaya, English teacher. – only public humiliation of dignity is considered an insult. And if you are alone with the student (musical classes, tutoring), here you can “roam”?

There were no psychological terms in our childhood, there were no publications about this problem, the students were practically powerless. It seems that now the majority of parents and children understand that such “learning” cannot be considered normal. But whether all these violent educational methods have gone the past?

Recently published on Facebook (prohibited by an extremist organization in Russia) post 1 Natalia about violence in the learning process has responded. “How much pain was in the comments on my previous article (#non -dedagogue) from the people that their teachers mocked. They wrote mainly about music teachers and sports trainers, ”says Natalia.

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