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The analysis of private security in Africa is situated in the middle of the current discursive practices of neo-liberal reform that promotes the devolution of authority to the private sector. Unlike high school, most of the academic tasks that a student will deal with in college will be assignments. They deal with different research papers, research papers, research proposals, dissertations, term papers and so on. One of the requirements for writing these academic papers will be the inclusion of a bibliography page. An annotated bibliography provides the audience with essential details about the sources used in a research paper or related assignments.

Desgrais and Le Gouriellec analyse the concept of extraversion to understand the support mechanisms for the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) of extra-African actors. As Bruneau states, much of the good material on intelligence and democracy pertains to the established democracies where the main idea is reiterating the need to control the intelligence to strength the democracy. This article tries to demythologize intelligence in new democracies by introducing some key issues in the processes of doing intelligence, and thereby provide a foundation for those who want to initiate control of their intelligence apparatuses. Breckenridge traces the origins of biometric identification and registration systems in countries like India, Mexico and South Africa. He shows how the triangular relationship between India, the Witwatersrand and Britain, established the special South African obsession with biometric government.

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The author finds that public order, in North Ghana, results from the negotiations between officers and different civilian actors who incorporate their social resources and moral beliefs. This book analyses different aspects that influence in the criminalization of the state in Africa. Jean-Pierre Bat analyses the French security policy in Africa and demystifies the “Foccart system” through the character of Presidential adviser Jacques Foccart and the African cell of the Élysée.

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PSI already has several other consumer health FHIR implementations under active development in 2023, including PSI’s collaboration with the Kenya MOH to launch a FHIR-enabled WhatsApp national health line for COVID-19 health information. PSI will also look to adopt and scale health workforce-facing FHIR-enabled tools, such as OpenSRP2, which will be piloted in an SRH-HIV prevention project in eSwatini in partnership with Ona by the end of 2023. The article emphasizes the effectiveness of continuing education intervention on the communication of nursing professionals in the clinical setting. The educational intervention needs to focus on the requirement of interdisciplinary collaboration between the nurse professionals while systematically improving their critical communication proficiency.


The web version of Mendeley syncs with the desktop version and is useful for backing up your references database. In this article the BibTeX format is being used, therefore, the Mendeley deskop version is used for its Bibtex export feature.

This article offers overviews of the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises and the African Standby Force. In the end, it is objectively argued that the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises is a laudable stopgap measure for continental rapid-deployment capabilities until the more bureaucratically complex African Standby Force is fully operationalized. Rather than undermining the African Standby Force, the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises is instead highly complementary. This contribution explores the Soweto Intelligence Unit (SIU) and its actions in Botswana, Swaziland and other liberation movement bases during the 1980s since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission brought to light its practices. In this line, it is showed how the SIU provided a way of exploring the multiple intersections of regional struggles and modes of belonging. “Botswana’s’ shoot-to-kill’ policy as an anti-poaching strategy.” SA Crime Quarterly 60 (2017). The authors Masseé and Lunstrum develop the concept ‘accumulation by securitization’ to name the broader interest in the escalating securitization of conservation practice.

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The fourth part focuses on intelligence carried out by the Military Intelligence Department. Hills argues that the institutional pillars of the post-colonial state remain recognizable. She argues that there was shift in regime understanding of security after independence, butstyles of policing have a significant degree of continuity.. This book studies the linkage between policing, political order, and institutional capacity and it shows how liberalization and international aid have left most police systems fundamentally unchanged.

In this same line, it is argued that intelligence agencies are pivotal to understanding the nature of many Arab regimes and their decision-making processes. Sanders studies classified documents and interviews ex-operatives of intelligence services since 1997 and he provides a complete picture of the Intelligence Service, inside South Africa and overseas. He covers different topics like state-sponsored murder, US influence in elections, weapons supply to Argentina during the Falklands War, and so forth. The book is an important contribution to the South African and international history of the secret service. This article provides an introduction to four studies on local level security governance in the urban areas of four East African countries. The studies show that the pre-eminent position of the state in security has changed and security is now governed through a network of nodes. In this form of governance, the line between public and private security actors is blurred since each of the actors influence and shape each other.

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Now consolidating under VIYA, PSI’s first sexual health and wellness brand and social business, our portfolio represents the evolution from traditionally donor–funded projects towards a stronger focus on sustainability for health impact over the long term. Across 26 countries, the VIYA model takes a locally rooted, globally connected approach. We have local staff, partners and providers with a deep understanding of the markets we work in. In 2022, we partnered with over 47,000 pharmacies and 10,000 providers to reach 11 million consumers with products and services, delivering 137 million products. VIYA delivers lasting health impact across the reproductive health continuum, from menstruation to menopause.

  • Each citation should be in a consistent format according to the citation style recommended by your course.
  • This book explains the hidden face of the history of France since the Liberation, showing how French  “barbouzes” (intelligence networks) supported anti-communist activities in Africa during the Cold War.
  • Tthe author, argues that studying Egypt’s intelligence community is necessary to the understanding of Egypt’s modern history, regime stability and human rights record.
  • This site also features an annotation worksheet, which can be used as an annotated bibliography maker.

Their voices, from product exploration to design, launch, and sales, ensure that products not only meet consumers’ needs but exceed their expectations. The Nigeria Security Network explains what Boko Haram is, as well as its relation to the Nigerian security forces.

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Annotations are different from the abstracts which you find at the beginning of journal articles, which are mainly descriptive, as they include a critical element. A regular bibliography lists all the sources that you searched for, found, stumbled on or otherwise jotted down on napkins. The studies you gathered when your essay, assignment, dissertation, or thesis was just an idea. It is longer than a reference list, because it will include texts that have influenced https://collegeessayhelps.com/write-my-book-report/ your ideas, but that you haven’t necessarily referred to directly in your work. All for an audience of one (a future you) – a reader who will no doubt thank you for your entertaining, to-the-point and stunning insights into the complex (and often – lets face it – boring) literature. By compiling an annotated bibliography, you can assess if the sourced ideas are enough and relevant or if you need to dig deeper to get more information on your chosen area of focus.

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Devlin explains how he found himself at the heart of Africa, in the most strategically influential country on the continent at the time. Aldrich and Kasuku criticise ethnocentrism in the study of intelligence and explore the Chinese and South African conceptions of intelligence to open new avenues collegeessayhelps.com/do-my-coursework/ of research. The authors argue that future improvement will depend on our ability to recognize the changing nature of the security environment from multiple perspectives. They argue that researchers should pay more attention to individuals, attitudes and cultures rather than organizations.

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The second aspect that is treated in the book is the role of “Big Men” that are considered nodes in networks. This book focuses on British intelligence agencies and the part they have played in British foreign and colonial policy. The authors provide an account about different agencies like MI6 and the Government Communications Headquarters and their covert operations in different parts of the world after 1945. Berridge analyses the institutional development of the Sudanese police between 1924 and 1989, focusing in particular on its role in governing Sudanese society and its complex relationship with the state and society at large. At the same time, the thesis also demonstrates the agency that the police exercises both as an institution and on behalf of various religious, ethnic and political groups to which they were affiliated. This handbook contains practical tools and guidance on undertaking a process of security-sector transformation consistent with democratic governance principles and a human security agenda.

We have earned trust and respect from our clients because we provide high-quality services. They may vary depending on the type of annotated bibliography and the instructions provided by the instructor just in case the bibliography is part of an assignment. As the following examples show, annotated bibliographies can look very different, and very much reflect the voice and needs of the people creating them. A descriptive or informative annotated bibliography usually summarises a source, describes its sample annotated bibliography distinctive features and usefulness for researching a particular topic or question. It also describes the author’s main arguments and conclusions without making an evaluative judgement on what the author says. If you’re wondering how to write an annotated bibliography, or need an annotated bibliography template, follow these recommended guidelines from Cite This For Me. Kassai’s analytics system to follow learners’ success rate and to adjust the course content to learners’ performance and needs.

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