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Proof/Safety Audit Consultancy Services

Safety audit consultant

  • Conduct a thorough review of the Concession Agreement/EPC Agreement issued by Client to assess the Scope of the Project in CA/EPC Agreement, including a review of the proposed construction of the Project Highway on the Site set forth in Schedule-A of the CA/EPC Agreement and as specified in Schedule-B of the CA/EPC Agreement together with provision of Project Facilities as specified in Schedule-C of the CA/EPC Agreement, and in conformity with the Specifications and Standards set forth in Schedule-D of the CA/EPC Agreement.
  • Develop the detailed methodology and check list for safety audit, provided by the Client, in consultation with the EPC Contractor and the Authority.
  • Verify and suggest improvement in Traffic Management Plan proposed by the EPC Contractor.
  • Assessment of design of horizontal curves to ensure adequate super elevation, transition lengths for chosen radius of curve and for particular design speed.
  • Assessment of vertical curves for minimum curve length to be adopted for specific change in grade to have adequate sight distances.
  • Assess proposed provision of geometrical improvements at major and minor junctions with respect to applicable specifications and standard. Junction improvement shall also be checked against the hindrances and black spots in order to avoid accidents at junctions. Requirement of grade separator shall also be checked with respect to present and proposed projected traffic as per IRC guidelines.
  • Verify road furniture plan.
  • Assess lane marking and adequacy of lighting at the junctions, Installation of road studs, provision of object / hazard markers, installation of traffic signs etc.
  • Check adequacy of the pedestrian facilities like pedestrian guard rail, footpath, road marking etc.
  • Drainage provisions in urban areas viz-a-viz site requirement in order to ensure clearing of water from the carriageway in minimum possible time.

Proof checking consultant

Post Tender stage: Proof checking of all Structural design and drawings including Good for constructiondrawings for all the structures coming in the alignment which include
  • Vetting of all GAD drawings prepared by main structural consultant.
  • Vetting of soil investigation report prepared by main design consultant.
  • Proof Checking of Structural design of foundations, substructure, superstructure, crashbarrier, retaining wall, RE wall, cycle track, footpath for complete project includingbridge over river Yamuna and any other structure etc. to complete the project It shallalso include the modification in design/drawings, at no extra cost, required to be done dueto any site constraints or otherwise as directed by Engineer-in-Charge.
  • Proof checking of Design of pavement.
  • Vetting of Good for Construction drawings.
  • Vetting of Good for construction drawing for entire stretch showing pavement / footpath/ road / Bridge/ , Drainage, Signages, Road Marking etc. etc. as per
  • Proof checking of all electrical works/ drawings.
  • All the design shall be based on standard and relevant codes of respective field/ practiceas applicable
Construction stage

While providing the services under this stage, as Proof Consultant NPEC adhere international standards and norms pertaining to quality ofwork, specifications, procedures, project management etc. During this stage, followingworks are also provides by NPEC as required by Client.

  • Review and approve designs and drawings of temporary works or any otherwork as per the requirement submitted by the Contractor and approved by themainconsultant, wherever required. Review proposals on construction technologyof various items of work and suitable modifications are suggested keeping inview the technicalrequirements, contractual provisions, safety measures,sequential operation of various items, time frame, compatibility of workprogramme, proposed deployment of personnel and equipment and siteconditions.
  • Review the analysis of the pile test data and vet the safe carrying capacity of thepiles for approval by department during construction work.
  • Review and approve various construction/installation methodologies submittedby the contractors and approved by main consultant.
  • Review and approve various shop drawings, design of shuttering and staging etcas submitted by the contractors and approved by main consultant.
  • Review and approve the design of bearings and expansion joints as prepared byspecialized agencies, submitted by the contractors and approved by mainconsultant.
  • Review and advise on any issue referred by Engineer-in-Charge w.r.t. quality ofany material, workmanship or any other issue related to construction work.
  • Review and recommend any changes in design, if proposed by the Contractorduring execution of project.
  • Review the designing of structures, if required at any stage due to any reason.
  • Review the quality assurance manual, quality assurance plans, methodstatements, maintenance manual, ‘as built drawings’ and suggest modifications, ifrequired.
  • Assist Client in periodical meetings to review progress achieved withrespect to the approved program.