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Quality Policy

At NPEC, our most important goal is a satisfied client. We emphasize quality workmanship, reliability, and personal involvement with each project we undertake. NPEC subscribes to the philosophy that accident prevention and preserving the environment is an ongoing responsibility. At NPEC we continue to drive environmental best practice throughout all our operations and our commitment to safety extends not only to all employees, but to all subcontractors and visitors on our job sites. Our mission is to maintain accident-free operations.

We are committed to strategic business development in engineering services such as Highways & Express ways, Bridges, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Design and Quality control, Environmental engineering and Skills development as the key to nation building in the 21st century. We aim to achieve perfection in everything we undertake with a commitment to excel. We are determined to transform every challenge into opportunity; to seize every opportunity to ensure growth and to grow with a human face.

  • We have the capability, knowledge and experience to undertake services for both public and private sector and government sector clients
  • We are committed to the principles of good governance and aim to do business with integrity aspiring to the highest standards.

We recognize that the work we perform will affect countless people in unknown ways. Accordingly, we take our work seriously and put forth our best effort in every task we undertake.

Today NPEC prides itself on delivering clients completed projects by fusing tremendous engineering knowledge with innovative skills, harnessing men and materials. Our operations have always been marked by creation of synergies, backward and forward integrations and strategic innovations for competitive edge. Our ability to mobilize financial, material and human resources in quick timeframe makes us the preferred team for critical projects. Our Guiding Principles have been:

  • Meeting the highest engineering quality standards.
  • High level of service and dedication to customers.
  • Use of existing experience in order to reach creative and advanced solutions.
  • Upgrading and developing the company personnel in order to achieve professional Excellency.
  • Meeting of deadlines & targets.
  • Placing one of the partners incharge of each project.

Long term client relationships, strategic partnerships and collaborative working are all part of the NPEC ethos. NPEC enjoys a well-respected reputation among national and international clients.