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Research, Investigation and Material Testing

NPEC Consultancy (P) Limited provides various kinds of Research, Investigation & Material testing services for rail/road projects, bridges/ROBs, industrial, institutional, residential and commercial projects. We have the infrastructure, expertise, technical instruments and resources to carry out all types of investigations including geotechnical and topographical investigations as part of pre-feasibility and DPR studies.

Topographic surveys

  • Reconnaissance survey forroute selection,alternativealignments, abstract costestimatesand feasibilityreport.
  • Preliminaryengineering survey using conventional tachometry, optimizationofalignment,siteverificationand computer aided mapping.
  • Location survey using EDMs,totalstations,computerized data processing, mapping, staking ofalignmenton ground.

LiDAR Surveys

NPEC provides the LiDAR survey of roads for the purpose of DPR and Road Asset Inventory by using world class survey grade mobile LiDAR system clients.An in-house team of LiDAR data processing is an advantage for projects need quick turnaround.

LiDAR Surveys
  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Ground Based LiDAR
    • Mobile LiDAR Surveys
    • Terrestrial LiDAR Survey
Geotechnical Investigations

We have a fully equipped Soil Mechanics Laboratory with the latest soil and field testing instruments and can offer the following services in this filed:

  • Geo physical investigations.
  • Earthwork compaction.
  • Piledesigning & testing.
  • Pavement design & testing.
  • Slope stabilization.
  • Geo-technical study for economical design of slopes in embankments & cuttings, foundations forbridges, buildings, towers, viaducts & other structures.
  • Route selection(rail,road, oil & gas pipeline, power transmission lines)
  • Quality control on all foundations

NPEC has a state of art Material Testing Laboratory for testing of the civil engineering materials. Highest standards of ethics and professionalism are maintained in carrying out the testing. It is headed by a quality control engineer with a vast experience in this material testing and quality control, a pool of experienced technicians assists him. However most of the equipment’s have computerized operation and instrumentation, thus eliminating the probability of human errors in the testing process. Our team of superb design and construction professionals works to make each project a realized dream.

In-house and onsite testing facilities offered by NPEC material testing division

The Material Testing Laboratory at NPEC is fully competent of undertaking the testing of various Building and Structural materials that includes Bituminous / non-Bituminous, and Pavement Quality Concrete related to Highway materials and structural materials. Proper testing ensures the durability of all types of buildings, including fashion casino complexes under gambling niche global trends.


Testing facilities for roadwork, highway materials

Complete Testing facility is available to undertake the Quality testing of Roads, bridges, building & Highway Materials for the following:
  • Soil/Earthwork / Sub grade
  • Granular Sub Base
  • Wet Mix Macadam / Water Bound Macadam
  • Premix Carpet / Mix Seal Surfacing
  • Bituminous Macadam / Dense Bituminous Macadam/ Dense Graded
  • Bituminous Macadam
  • Asphalt Concrete / Bituminous Concrete
  • Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)
  • Structural concrete like PCC, RCC, PSC and HPC (M10 Grade to M60Grade)